Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okay, so… here’s an intro.

Blogs are an interesting thing, because you never know who’s reading.  You could think no one’s ever gonna read your little missive or diatribe about your roommate dumping all the cat litter in the toilet and not flushing it, but one day they do and hold it against you for eternity.  Of course, you think you’re in the right, because who in their right mind would dump kitty litter in the toilet and not flush it?  Are you supposed to dump kitty litter down the toilet or throw it away?  Who knows- you’ve never had a cat, don’t want to own a cat, and never thought about the actual disposal process behind kitty litter.  You damn sure don’t now why your roommate is flushing animal excrement and other foreign materials down a toilet made for humans.

It is a mystery, one that I haven’t been able to solve.

What’s this blog about, you ask?  Well, in a nutshell- it’s about letters and words and sentences and fighting with my keyboard.  This is what I do away from work- I try and make the words work for for me.  I’ve have some extremely minor success with some things I’ve written- some playwriting here and there, an article in a nationally distributed magazine many eons ago, but I’ve only recently started thinking about heading down this road full time.  I mean, I always have thought about it, but with real life smacking me in the face constantly, it’s high time I got on with business while the world still turns, so to speak. 

So- here we are.



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